Welcome to IESECCI

The veteran community in India is a vast pool of trained, disciplined and available manpower. With the recent impetus on sustained development and skill enhancement enunciated by the Government of India, the tremendous potential of this barely tapped market is making its mark felt , slowly but surely.


The chamber was conceived with the intention of bridging the gap between the pool of resources and the resource hunters - in fields as diverse as manpower, recruitment, training, Logistics and probably every aspect of the service and manufacturing industry. The mind boggling range of disciplines that the Armed Forces personnel - both uniformed and non uniformed- assimilate during their Service careers spans almost all the engineering, operational and logistics fields.

The main aim of the Chamber remains the welfare of our less fortunate brethren in the veteran community. It is ,however, also our endeavor to aid the veteran community in every way possible to further their interests.

Insofar as Industry is concerned, we assist in a variety of ways - entrepreneurship, preparation of documents, assistance in understanding procedures and the list is endless.

If you have a specific query which does not find a place in our website, we would be glad to get back to you.


The Indian ex-defense service employees chamber of commerce and industries & Shiv Sena south Mumbai present disability support rally.
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