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Getting started with IESECCI- A perspective

Its never easy starting something new. Its great to have plans , clinking glasses and dreamy eyed…but the years are testimony to the fact that when feet hit the ground is when, for want of a better phrase, one is grounded.

IESECCI has seem many avatars – some fanciful ,some workable , some downright bizarre. The team is as varied as you can get – Absolutely bouyant individuals with stars in their eyes to downright scrooges, but like they say it takes all kinds. And thus evolved IESECCI, an organization which at its heart has us all bound – fealty , loyalty ,camaraderie – built over time ,in most cases over a quarter of a century.

Veterans in our country are like no other . A bunch of hardy , well trained and in most cases well intentioned. However , we lack coherence in thought , given we come from so vast a country . It was this idea that brought us together – Coherence. Its like putting a jigsaw in place. Only this jigsaw gets 60000 pieces added every year, and will never be completed ,

The business environment in our country is looking up . Investor sentiment has never been so good. And unemployment is set to fall . So you , dear manufacturer are looking for manpower – aren’t you ?? And you haven’t looked at us ,have you ?? Can’t blame you – no one really has . We are to blame as well . We haven’t told you what we can do. It takes a keen intellect to drive ships, service aircraft and keep the tanks worthy of clipping across the deserts , It takes more than muscle to track and incoming aircraft or train a shell precisely over an enemy bunker . And it takes many hours of training to serve up that correct cocktail to an esteemed guest . And this I learnt in the Services. Donning the uniform everyday, shoes polished , brass shined seems so routine , so ordinary – yet try doing it for a fortnight and you will understand what I mean. And thats the different ,dear friend when I say “I offer you my services”.