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ExpLODE camp with Kerala Cricket Association (KCA)

The Kerala Cricket Association selected the ExpLODE-Sports training programme for their ‘Under Nineteen’ Cricket Team. The benefit they drew from a four day Experiential Learning camp spoke for itself in their further  performance.

The team of 20 players accompanied by the two team Coaches were uprooted from their regular environment and placed at the Camp environment in Idukki, Kerala as a temporary community. Away from the pulls of their daily life, digital distractions and common references assimilated a lot in the camp from 30 Apr to 04 May 2015.

Designed after a thorough discussion with the authorities in March 2015, this programme had two fold objectives. Develop critical thinking skills of individual players for better field performance and build cohesive and collaborative performance as a team. All these objectives given below were met.

The Players

  1. Exploring individuality in thought process and decision-making on the field
  2. Accepting and managing personal distractions / anxiety
  3. Techniques for Concentration and self game analysis / critical thinking
  4. Focusing anger to performance
  5. Experiencing effects of exhaustion in decision making
  6. Physiology and Pain management – when to push yourself and when to get help.
The Team

  1. Team living- Discipline of thought, action and ethics
  2. Team culture and troop discipline
  3. Problem ownership and solving through Collective decision making
  4. Leadership responsibility and following the leader and mutual support
  5. Handling peer / external pressure  – individuals and as a team
  6. Cross cultural contexts and contact

The beauty of this kind of Experiential Learning is that learning never stops through out the camp and gets embedded into memory, as the participants are forced to think and act even while having a lot of fun. The trainers work hard  so that the players gather the objectives even while having a lot of fun.

The Trainers

Cdr Indrajit Pakrasi (Retd) Lead TrainerCdr Indrajit Pakrasi (Retd) Lead Trainer Mr Michael IsraelMr Michael Israel Ms Ellen BlackMs Ellen Black
Praise for the programme

  1. Jeen John (Coach):  “It was really a unique programme. I can see them planning and coordinating as a team. Their thinking has changed !”
  2. Hari Krishnam (Coach): “As coach I often tell the boys to focus and concentrate, but the training actually showed them how to focus and improve under pressure.”
  3. Krishna Prakash (Team Captain) 17 yrs via e-mail: I learnt so many things that are helping me. I got selected for Zone team and I feel confident.
Feedback and Outcomes

  1.  The routine feed back after two months of  the programme was taken. The players feel the programme has helped them not only with cricket but given them mental balance to deal with pressures and choices in life.
  2. Five of the team have been picked for South Zone team.
  3. One has been short listed for India Under 19 team.