Cdr Abhishek Kankan,NM is a mechanical engineer, submariner, ex-marine commando, SCUBA diver, paratrooper and mountaineer who has had broad exposure and myriad experiences from depths below oceans (submarine/ diving cadre) to the highest point on earth. He summited Mt Everest in 2004 creating a number of records including one of the first Submariners in the world and first Navy in the world. He was awarded the coveted NaoSena Medal (Gallantry) by the then honourable President of India, Dr Abdul Kalam on Republic day, 2005.

He has been serving in Indian Navy for last 21 years leading teams in high technological projects of submarine construction including Nuclear, in stifling conditions of Submarines as well as in warzone for anti-terrorist operations in Kashmir. He is one of the first Indians to do Water Para jumps with US Navy SEALs. He has been leader of Kailash Manasarover Yatra, 200 km rafting expedition on Brahmaputra and many other treks and outdoor activities.

An IIM Indore alumni, he has done his Masters in Defence & Strategy from Madras University. In addition to Nau Sena medal, he has been awarded Commendation by the Chief of Naval Staff twice and Flag Officer C-IN-C (ENC) commendation for innovative ideas and gallant actions.