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deck cadets course

Merchant Navy Deck Officer Cadets Course
The 6th Merchant Navy Deck Officer Cadet's course offered by Empire Institute of Maritime Studies (ElMS) and facilitated by IESECCI.
A course conducted as per International Maritime Organisation Model Course 7.03
Fast track career progression on foreign flag ships.
  • Orientation & Screening/Medicals
  • STCW Certification from NAMAC, (facility run by Indian Navy).
  • Pre-Sailing Competency
  • Assured Placement for Deck Cadet Sea-time without delay
  • Handholding for subsequent career progression & placement
  • Fees Paid are Income Tax Deductible Under Sec 80G
✆ +91-9969142036

Applications are open Now
Course Commencing Early May 2020, Subject to Corona Virus Strictures. (You may do a pre-booking, without fees, through quick application online)
  • You can use the QUICK APPLICATION to apply online to hold your place
  • Please Note that due to assured placement facilitation policy, the number of seats are limited.
  • Make sure all your papers and fees as per the prospectus below are ready, when you come in for Orientation and Screening

Deck Cadet Course Prospectus


Statement of Intent
  • It is a stated intent of IESECCI, to promote this programme of becoming a Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy, onboard foreign flagged ships, through satisfying the requirements set by International Maritime Organisation (IMO), as permitted through a suitable certifying Maritime Flag State. All association, facilitations and requisite component-courses, are offered to satisfy the IMO criteria for seafarers and manning of ships by the certifying Maritime Flag States.
    ( To address frequent queries it may be noted, that these criteria may co-incide or be at variance to additional national criteria set by Indian Authorities for their courses, and are not under the purview to these national rules.)
  • The intention of IESECCI in promoting course is to provide an opportunity for ex-servicemen, primarily personnel below officer ranks from all three services to have an opportunity to further themselves as officers onboard merchant ships as a second career.
  • The programme is also offered to other open category candidates, to enrol of their free will. IESECCI has made and will continue to make all effort to transparently inform about all requirements, and criteria to conduct the course for enabling all open category candidates arrive at an informed decision and take advantage of this fast tracked programme.

About The Advantages of This Fast Track Deck Officer Career Progression
IESECCI is  Facilitating this Fast Track Career Progression to become Deck Officers and Serve on Foreign Flag Ships.
  • This allows eligible persons to become Deck Officers onboard in 3 Months + Cadet's Seatime on foreign flag ships.
  • Freshers from 18 to 35 Years can join. It is  particularly a women friendly course and placement for Women candidates are given due care .
  • Ex-Servicemen under 40 years of age can also apply. (An Infantry soldier is now sailing as a Deck Officer through this course).
  • Candidates can join after 12th standard or higher qualification in any stream, provided they have studied upto 10th with Science (International O-Level, with Maths, Physics, Chemistry).
  • Cadets doing seatime get paid a stipend of approximately USD 250 to 300 (subject to market conditions ) even as they do on-job training on foriegn flag ships.
  • Training standards are high as India's Best Institute trains the cadets for STCW courses, and Master mariners prepare them for pre-sea and competency. Due care is taken to help cadets make a fresh start in this new field. The intention is for the cadets to obtain their Certificate Of Competency (COC) from a so called "White-List" nation (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or Malaysia), even if they do not acheive that standard their career will continue through other flag state COC till they can progress.
  • Cadets don't have to run around for agents, due to the assured placement facilitation on foriegn flag ships at the end of Pre-Sea Training. Placement fee is to be paid only at the time of departure briefing on receiving Appointment Letter, Visa and Airticket.
  • Post training hand holding for competency preparation  for 2nd Mates Exams, as well as further placement assistance.
The fees paid are Income Tax Exempted Under Sec 80G    (See Structure & Fees Section)
Conduct & Processing

IESECCI Facilitates the conduct of the course for a Fast Career Progression, on-board foreign flag ships run through its certification associate Empire Institute of Maritime Studies (EIMS) along with assured placement facilitation.
The stages are as follows:-

Pre-Course Orientation & Screening
See details below  CLICK HERE

STCW* Mandatory certifications will be from
Naval Maritime Academy**, Mumbai, an award winning institute for maritime studies.
*Standards of Training Certification & Watchkeeping (International Convention)
**Run by the Indian Navy, NAMAC is a ISO: 90001 certified institute, with DG Shipping approved training facilities for Hands on trainings on Ship handling simulators, Fire-fighting training hard, Deep pool, Boats etc

Pre-Sea Competency. 340 hours of preparatory Classroom Instructions under the aegis of EIMS.

Placement Partnership by
Empire State International Pvt. Ltd, Navi Mumbai
RPSL No.: MUM 249
Candidates will be guided before, during and after the course, to make an informed choice of placement for a fast tracked career progression. All processing will be undertaken by ESIM in a smooth process.

Open to both Men and Women.
Citizenship: of India /Nepal /Bhutan.
➢10+2 or above in any stream. ( Science, Commerce, Arts  streams are allowed ).
➢Candidate must have studied Physics and Maths in 10th Standard (International 'O' Level).
Age limit: Freshers 18 to 35 years
   Ex-Servicemen Upto 40 years
Note -
1. Candidates may undertake the course after 10+2, but can be placed for Deck Cadets' Sea time only after attaining 18 years of age and getting CDC* .
2. Ex-Servicemen PBORs leaving service after 15 Years of service are eligble if within 40 yrs. Ex- Navy and Coastguard personnel may contact for guidance on fast tracking.
*Continuous Discharge Certificate. It is a Seafarer's Identity Document, and also has other important official uses.

Physical Standards: Medically fit as per the standards set by MS Medical Examination Rules 2000. Eye Sight 6/6 in each eye without visual aids and no colour blindness, no history of cardiac problems or epilepsy.
Mandatory Pre-Admission Medical Test Conducted by DG Shipping Approved,
Sun Clinic,  Ballard Estate, Mumbai.
Discipline, Conduct, & Indemnity : Selected cadets undergoing training, will be required to fill indemnity forms, and maintain discipline, decorum and behaviour standards  as required by NAMAC couses, as per existing processes of IndianNavy.
Application Procedure

Applications are invited from candidates stating their willingness and details as per the application form.  They can also be assisted by our counsellors and assisting co-ordinators.

Quick Online Application
You can fill the aplication form online by clicking the button below. This is a quick application and you can book a place just on the document copies / originals and other details you will have to carry when you come for the Orientation and Screening.

The Applications by email may be mailed to
Download the form Scan the filled form and send by mail
Instructions for proceeding for Orientaion screening will me sent by mail.
Assistance and Information

Facilitation and Information : Applicants may contact the following officials /Associates of IESECCI for queries and pre-course guidance:-

COURSE CO-ORDINATOR: Cdr Indrajit Pakrasi(Retd)
M: +91-9969142036,  Email:

ALL INDIA: Cdr Angsuman Ojha (Retd).
M: +91- 9930734720, Email:

WEST INDIA REGION : Shikha Trivedi Singh
M: 8272999999  Email:

M/s Centre for Career Development & Planning
M: +91-8860675076, Email:

EAST & NORTH EAST INDIA: Ms Sudakshina Mukherjee
M: 9836374299, Email:

Course Structure & Fees
Stages of the Course : The course is structured in Four Stages :-
✦Orientation & Screening   ✦STCW Modular Courses & Pre-Sea Competency  ✦Registration as Seafarers  ✦Placement onboard and Sea-Time Training on ships.

Payment Method : Our preffered payment method is by bank transfer. If you prefer any other means of payment online please email / call Co-ordinators.
Fees for all Stages (Except Medicals) are to be made by Cheque or Bank Transfer, in favour of
    JYOTIRGAMAY FOUNDATION, A/C No. 50200020805218, HDFC BANK,  IFSC : HDFC0000114

All fees paid are exempted from income tax as applicable under Section 80G. This is a big advantage to your investment in your career growth.

Stage - 1: Orientation & Screening

Medical Screening
Fees: Men INR 5,000/- and Women INR 6500/-
(Note: Fees for medicals are paid at the Clinic and are not IT Exempt.)

The process starts with the Medical screening. Mandatory Medicals to the required standards will be undertaken at a IMO recognised and designated facility at Sun Clinic, Mumbai.

Psychometric Screening & Orientation
Fees: INR 25,000/-
(Note: Only Cheque / Bank Transfer payment is allowed for this payment)

You may intimate, through mail or your official co-ordinator, to set up an appointment for Screening and Orientation after clearing the Medical examination. (Note : You will be required to give the payment details  of bank transfer to the above mentioned bank account towards Screening and Orientation Fee.)

Psychometric Screeining. On the appointed date after payment of Screening Fees, Psychometric Screeining for suitability as a seafarer will be undertaken. This is required to check the mental and attitudinal suitability of the candidate for a life at sea, which can be quite challenging.
Orientation - To Career Path.  Subsequent to screening Orientation will be carried out which includes the following:-
  • Information session about the fast track career path ahead of the Deck Cadet.
  • Mental and attitudinal orientation to prepare them. Also please note that through out the Pre-Sea Stage Character Building and mental orientation training and conditioning will be provided as part of the curriculum.
  • Inform about the duties and requirements of a cadet during their training onboard ships. This will clarify the On-Job-Training nature and responsibilities of that cricial phase.
  • Orientation information and guidance will also be provided for the options to further their career through obtaining their Certificate of Competence (COC) from the flag state or the so called White List countries (UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or Malaysia).

Stage - 2 : STCW Modular Courses & Pre-Sea Competency Course
Fees: INR 6,75,000/-
(Note: Only Cheque / Bank Transfer payment is allowed for this payment)

The fees are to be paid after sucessful Screening befor the course commencement. ( Next course End March 2020). This fee will cover the full pre-sea training stage
STCW Basic Modular Course. - 3 Weeks
Basic Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) 2010 are courses mandatorily required  by International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This is an entry level course, required for all persons wishing to work aboard seafaring vessels and  comprises the five modules:-
  • Personal Survival Techniques (STCW A-VI/1-1
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (STCW A-VI/1-2)
  • Elementary First Aid (STCW A-VI/1-3)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (STCW A-VI/1-4)
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness (STCW A-VI/6-1)
This very important part will be conducted in the first two weeks at Naval Maritime Academy (NAMAC) . Run by the Indian Navy, NAMAC is a ISO: 90001 certified institute. Providing Hands on trainings on Ship handling simulators, Fire-fighting training hard, Deep pool, Boats etc it has been awarded as The Best Maritime Institute for STCW courses in the Country.

Registration as Seafarers (within above fee).
Seafarer's Registration and Processing. Two types of seafarer registrations will be done .

  • Registration as a Indian Seafarer : Afer getting the STCW Certificate of Proficiency from NAMAC.
  • Cadets will be registered in the Indian National Database of Seafarers - INDOS. Thereafter they will register and obtain an Indian Open Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) from Director General Shipping. These along with their Indian Passport will enable them to be identified as Indian Seafarers, even if they are sailing onboard a foreign flag ship.

  • The Deck Cadet will need to be registered, with the Foreign Flag Authorities, as part of processing, to place you onboard ships for your Deck Cadets' sea time onboard foreign flagged ships. This activity will be conducted through Empire State International Pvt. Ltd, Navi Mumbai bearing RPSL No.: MUM 249, as well directly registered with a number of foreign flag authorities.

Pre-Sea Competency Course. - 9 Weeks
In this stage the Deck Cadets will be taught and examined on the functions given below:-
Function 1: Navigation - theory.
Function 2: Cargo Handling and Stowage - theory classes
Function 3: Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for Persons on Board - theory classes

Over the next Two and a Half months,  classroom instructions on competency subjects, theory and practicals, journals and assignments will make the Cadets ready to be useful and confident when they go onboard on ships..
  • Over 340 hours for Pre-Sea Class room and practical training on Cargo Handling & Stowage, Ship Stability, Navigation, Seamanship, subjects related to Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for Persons on-board.
  • Training Films and discussions, Assignments.
  • Dockyard visit.
  • Helming Training
  • Personality / Character development sessions to prepare for a seafarers life.
  • Training and Record Book (ISF) and a Illustrated Guide Book for guiding self training onboard ships will be provided.

Inclusions: Snacks, refreshment and Lunch on all working days will be provided.
Boarding Assistance: Stay for out of town candidates can be assisted with. However they will need to finalise and pay for the stay in Mumbai, under individual capacity.
Stage - 3 :Placement and Dispatch for Sea-Time Onboard Ships
Fees: INR 4,00,000/-
Placement on Foreign Flag Ship for One year Sea Time as Deck Cadet.  
This is the most important and longest part of the Cadet's Training when the cadet learns the practical aspects of the training and their performance of various mandatory and exposure tasks are recorded in the Training and Record (TAR Book). This also is the time when the Deck Cadet begins to earn a stipend, as they learn on the job.

By the end of the three month course and successful completion of your pre-sea examinations, a foreign flag ship will be identified, that would best suit the actual on-the-job training, which will be the foundation of your career.

On clearing pre-sea exams and processes, you will pay the last installment when you come for your departure brief and are handed your Contract / Appointment letter, documents and air-ticket for joining the ship. (Note: Depending upon the company requirements there may be an interview. Therefore to get employed on good company ships cadets are advised to keep in touch with their career subjects after the pre-sea course as true professionals)

We look forward to your starting the enrolment process by filling the quick online application or intimating to us your date of arrival in Mumbai by mailing  to:


B - 13 KPCT Mall
Pune - 411040
Maharashtra , India