Indian Ex-defence Service Employees Chamber of Commerce & Industries
A unique not-for-profit Chamber of Commerce, mutually benefiting Ex-Servicemen, Businesses and Society

Our Charter
When you work with IESECCI, you choose extraordinary people .
Indian Ex-Defence Service Employees Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  ( IESECCI )  is a non-profit organisation. The essence of all activities of IESECCI is to match the considerable experience, expertise and work ethics of Indian ex-defence services personnel to the requirements of Public and Private industry or institutions. The chamber bridges the gap between ex-defence service personnel and businesses to have a mutually enriching role in commerce and industry.
Relief Response COVID-19
We have been mobilising the resources of the Armed Forces Veterans and Associate enterprises in pitching into the fight against COVID-19. 
Through this initiative, we are engaged in helping Government and Private Agencies, for  controlling the outbreak.
➢Our participation and mobilising our associates for joining the efforts of Mumbai Municipal Corporation in taking over and restarting operations of Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri, Mumbai is just such an innitiative.
We have also set up people's clinic booths to bring COVID-19 assistance and advice to doorsteps of our citizens
If your organisation or company too will like to join in this effort.
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Ongoing Initiatives and Opportunities
Merchant Navy
Deck Officer Cadet Course
  • .
.Course Commencing 15 February 2021, Being conducted Subject to Govt Corona Virus Strictures. We take all precautions as per guidelines and prudent precautions
The 6th Merchant Navy Deck Officer Cadet's course for foreign flag ships. 
Fast track career progression.
  • Orientation & Screeing/Medicals
  • STCW Certification from NAMAC, (facility run by Indian Navy).
  • Pre-Sailing Competency
  • Assured Placement Facilitation for Deck Cadet Sea-time without delay
Handholding for subsequent career progression & placement
MSME Cluster Development for Maritime, Aerospace & Homeland Security A facilitation by by IESECCI
with ENABLETECH PVT LTD as Lead Associate
IESECCI is inviting Association and Participation in a cluster development to interface MSME with Tier-1 industry in Manufacture, Repair and Overhaul. Take advantage and participate in Maritime projects is in the offing, as also Aerospace and Homeland Security Sector opportunities. Find out more and Express your Interest.
Education at Vancouver Island University
  • Business Administration Diploma Program
  • English as a Second Language Training for Diploma Qualification
  • Business College Living Packages from Veda Canada
  • Work and Stay in Canada

Our Range of Work
Commerce Facilitation
IESECCI and Commerce Facilitaion
As a chamber of commerce IESECCI has been focussing on long term commerce and industy facilitations that benefit its associates. We have an association with ANCO FED, a govt Marketing and Supply federation.
IESECCI has been engaging with Govt agencies, as an ongoing effort since 2014, towards facilitating veteran run businesses, in the area of defence offsets.
CSR and Environment
Executing CSR and Social Initiatives
IESECCI could be your best choice when it comes to implementing projects that are not the core competence of the company  - such as CSR initiatives.   With a wide network of Associated companies, ex-servicemen and entrepreneurs, the IESECCI can be the link for end to end solutions in diverse fields, pan India.
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Developing Skills and Motivation
Educating the young human capital of the nation is a big focus for the chamber.
The chamber is involved in developing employment oriented skills.
Through our associates we bring  the senior level leadership and policy framing skills to corporate training,  as well as attitude and mind development of the nation's youth.
Our ongoing initiatives are undertaking CSR projects, courses and behavioural coaching. Contact us!
Legal Services for Ex-Servicemen
The chamber through its associates, connects ex-servicemen requiring Legal services or advice, on aspect of service conditions and pensions.
Contact: +91-9930734720
Email :
Bridging the Veterans and business.
IESECCI is a trust and society bridging the gap between - Ex-Servicemen, their /Dependents and Businesses. We do this through, resettlement and job assistance, giving impetus to Govt and corporate policies through the ex-servicemen and their enterprises. So if you would like your organisation to benefit from the excellent organisation abilities or experience and skill aplication of veterans or veteran owned enterprises, forward us the job description, or project details:-   or
IESECCI commitment to the society. 
The chamber is dedicated to bringing support for Ex-Servicemen as well as social issues in the society at large. To this end it undertakes events and programmes. The following are a few indicative events :-
Shaheed -E- Hind. Annual felicitation of the martyrs.
Disability day Rally. Highlights equal opportunity and empowerment of the physically challenged.
Environment awareness courses and camps
Other events as per proposals from associates or veterans comunity.

Execution Ethos
The managing and executive aspect of IESECCI is voluntary. The directors and volunteering associates put in pro-bono efforts to take up aspects of their interest and expertise to take the organisation forward. This may seem like a disadvantage for an organisation, but this unusual aspect has been the greatest strength of IESECCI.
It ensures that there are no un-neccessary overheads that the business associates bear through subscriptions or administrative charges.
It has proven that only truly comitted persons from the Directors and Associates, engage with projects and events to take things forward. Because of the personal nature of ex-servicemen, IESECCI has not been found wanting for volunteers and helping hands when they require.
The voluntary nature of the executive directors work has also contributed to the agility and ability of the organisation to change with the times and requirements of associated businesses and individuals.
Your work is always a "GOOD FIT" with IESECCI. In the military one doesn't pick the task to do, just the strengths and the best way to make it happen!  IESECCI brings this ethos when we work with you, for you, for the veterans.
When you connect with us you may meet and interact with a number of the functionaries and remain connected with the one who is the best fit for you. Something that helps the relationship grow and bloom in a natural way. You join the IESECCI family.
B - 25 KPCT Mall
Pune - 411040
Maharashtra , India