Indian Ex-defence Service Employees Chamber of Commerce & Industries
About iesecci

Overview and Essence
Introduction.  A registered Society, as well as a Trust and formed in 2013, IESECCI in essence, is chartered to bridge the gap between ex-defence service personnel and businesses to have a mutually enriching role in commerce and industry. IESECCI stands apart from numerous associations of veterans, as a young, unique and agile Chamber of Commerce, well adapted to change with the changing business environment. We are intent on bringing the expertise of ex-servicemen individuals and entrepreneurs to nation building and facilitating private enterprise.
Advantage through IESECCI. Approximately sixty thousand Indian Armed forces personnel leave service every year, and settle all over India. They are well trained, bear a positive attitude, in the prime of their life and conditioned to adapt to new roles and multitask. All uniformed services maintain very high standards of training, which only a few premium institutes can match. In addition they are unique and specifically trained to apply their professional competence under stressful conditions. This kind of training, situational leadership and discipline make them invaluable as employees and peer-trainers with inherent leadership and social skills. Many become entrepreneurs, and set up successful enterprises, due to the very same personal skills and adaptabilities. IESECCI bridges their capabilities and geographical spread, to businesses and organisations to mutual advantage.
How we connect to Veterans. The chamber connects with ex-service personnel or their widows / families through, respective service retirement cells, ex-servicemen groups, as well as personal connects and IESECCI social media presence. This gives our associated companies a pan India reach for connecting with veterans through us.  IESECCI also regularly engages with the Service Area / Command HQs of all three services and for undertaking charitable activities for disabled veterans and widows. These charitable activities are on a footing of using funds for sustainably empowering and enabling rather than one time charities.
How Veterans Connect to Nation Building. IESECCI as a facilitation platform. We understand and map specific skills, training and specialisation of veterans or their enterprises and align them to business / corporate requirements.  A brief on IESECCI activities is attached as PDF. The undermentioned areas may be of particular interest for collaboration with your firm or clients.
    • CSR Efforts & Project implementation. IESECCI can be relied upon to assist in Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, or turnkey projects. Particularly, for over seeing or implementing last mile project implementation. IESECCI can tailor engagements in such activities to the extent required as a single window to  experienced and efficient veterans, across India.
    • Skills and Soft-Skill Development. Multifarious industrial and logistics skills can be spearheaded with experienced Veteran instructors, or project / institute administrators. A large number of such trainings can be undertaken through training institutes already associated with IESECCI. Such skill development can even be undertaken through  IESECCI for CSR in the Indian Hinterland.
    • Coaching and Organisation Development. Organisation often struggle to implement strategic goals on ground, due to shortcomings of their personnel.  IESECCI through its associated and coaching associates can bring in blended corporate and military methods of coaching situational leadership, strategic thinking and higher decision-making, for organisation development, transformational efforts and sustainable culture change.
    • Healthcare & Wellness . Associated Healthcare and Wellness companies can deliver any initiatives for heath care, execution and training, as well as care for the elderly, paramedic training, physiotherapy sports medicine etc. These include health / blood donation camps or training and skilling projects.
    • Security (including cyber), Safety, First-Aid and Fire-Fighting. Perhaps the most common area of ex-servicemen engagements are in these fields. Specially trained for these activities ex-servicemen bring in special dimension to the training and conduct of these essential requirements. IESECCI also conducts boot camps and youth development programmes in this field.
Defence Offset Connect. As a chamber of commerce, ongoing efforts are on, to connect  Government concerns and Defence production firms with enterprises formed by ex-servicemen, towards vendor and ancillary development. Our thrust area in this are, defence off-sets, social and environment impact technologies. Deloitte may find a lead role in this thrust area of IESECCI. A beginning for the same may be considered through a  seminar for connecting the stakeholders.

The managing and executive aspect of IESECCI is voluntary. The directors and volutary associates put in pro-bono efforts to take up aspects of their interest and expertise to take the organisation forward. This may seem like a disadvantage for an organisation but this unusual aspect has been the greatest strength of IESECCI.
It ensures that there are no un necessary overheads that the associates bear through subscriptions.
It has proven that only truly comitted persons from the Directors and Associates, engage with projects and events to take things forward. Because of the personal nature of ex-servicemen IESECCI has not been found wanting for volunteers and helping hands when they require.
The voluntary nature of the executive directors work has also contributed to the agility and ability of the organisation to change with the times and requirements of associated businesses and individuals.
Your work is always a "GOOD FIT" with IESECCI. In the military one doesn't pick the task to do, just the strengths and the best ways to make it happen.  IESECCI brings this ethos when we work with you, for you, for the vetrans.
When you connect with us you may meet and interact with a number of the fuctionaries and remain connected with the one who is the best fit for you. Something that helps the relationship grow and bloom in a natural way. You join the IESECCI family.